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Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Must Start Passing More | sam richmond

Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Must Start Passing More

As the Los Angeles Lakers have gotten out to an 0-5 start to the 2014-15 NBA season, Kobe Bryant has shot… and shot… and shot some more.

The Lakers legend has taken 122 shots in five games, giving him an incredible 24.4 shots per game.

As a whole, Los Angeles has shot 324 times this season, meaning Kobe has taken 28.8 percent of his team’s shots this season, according to ESPN. Not surprisingly, that’s by far the highest percentage of any NBA player this season. Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks ranks second with 23.8 percent of his shots.

The Lakers aren’t going to be a good team this year, regardless. But Bryant must start passing more to give Los Angeles a shot at not finishing as the worst team in the Western Conference.

Bryant might be one of the greatest players in NBA history, but, at 36, he’s far from elite and his gunning style of play is hurting his team.

Kobe hasn’t been efficient this season, hitting just 40.2 percent of his shots from the field and 30.4 percent of his shots from outside. In the Lakers’ most recent game against the Phoenix Suns, it took Kobe 37 shots to score 39 points.

That type of inefficient hero-ball doesn’t win in today’s NBA, which values ball-movement and unselfish play more than ever before.

Now, some of have attempted to make the argument that Kobe’s right to hoist up so many shots because of the lack of talent that surrounds him.

While it is true that Kobe has bad teammates, inefficient basketball is inefficient basketball no matter how one slices it and the Lakers can’t win relying on a 36-year-old declining star taking 28.8 percent of its shots.

All Bryant needs to look at is the last fives games in which his team has been outscored by an averaged of 14.8 points per game for proof of that.

Author: Sam Richmond

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