DeMarcus Cousins Rightfully Named NBA All-Star

DeMarcus Cousins is headed to his first All-Star game.

On Friday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver named the Sacramento Kings center as the player who will be replacing injured Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant on the Western Conference All-Stars squad.

While plenty of NBA fans were upset upon hearing the announcement that Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard was again snubbed from the team, Cousins represented a great choice.

Cousins has been flat-out dominant this season and is clearly one of the best centers in all of basketball. In 32 games, he’s averaging a whopping 23.8 points (fifth in NBA) on 48.1 percent shooting from the field and 12.3 rebounds (3rd in NBA) while maintaining a 25.24 PER (eighth in NBA).

Some might argue against Cousins and in favor of Lillard because the Kings are just 16-28 while the Trail Blazers are 32-14 and one of the best teams in the conference. But it’s unfair to prevent Cousins from making an All-Star team when he’s having this good of a season just because his teammates aren’t very good.

Lillard should get a spot. He’s had an outstanding season as well. But it’s not Cousins’ spot he should have. There’s much a better case to be made that Lillard should have made the team over Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant, who has missed 25 games this season due to injury.

Cousins deserves this. He’s an offensive monster and it’s time he finally gets the credit for simply how good of a player he really is.

Author: Sam Richmond

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