Clippers-Spurs Game 7 Is Exactly What NBA Fans Deserve

The first-round of the 2015 NBA Playoffs hasn’t exactly featured a lot of drama. Five series finished in four or five games. While two series lasted six games, the final game in both were decided by a total of 78 points.

That leaves us with one series, one incredible series. The Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs will go the distance, with Game 7 taking place on Saturday.

Who will win Game 7 is a coin-flip, which is basically how every other game in the series has played out except for one Spurs blowout.

The series has featured some truly great basketball, so good that you wonder how this is only a first-round matchup instead of a conference finals bout.

It’s the type of series that NBA fans deserve. The uncertainty and high-level of play in it is something that really hasn’t been here for much of the playoffs. Still, there will surely be more of it as we advance into the later rounds.

However, for now, we’re still in the first-round and have one game left. With how great this series has been, that’s fine with me.

Author: Sam Richmond

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